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Re: Trouble with search in Win7 x64

Robert Aldwinckle
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"David Kerber" <> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed) t...
> I've been struggling with this for days, and Windows 7 search is really
> starting to aggravate me, so can somebody tell me if I'm missing
> something, or if the Win 7 search is really as brain-dead as it seems?
> I'm searching .txt files that have a bunch of lines similar to this:
> 9061628200ME R1 015529R0113100100186250085010
> (this is actually truncated, but it gets the point across: it's column-
> based raw data).
> In server 2008, I can search for files that contain the "28200" (here
> they're in colums 6 - 10) by entering "*28200" in the search box, and it
> will find all the dozen or so files that have it in a folder of
> hundreds.
> In windows 7, I seem to be required to search for "9061628200" in order
> to find the containing files. In other words, the wild card search for
> the substring doesn't seem to work any more.
> Is this something I'm missing in a setting, or did it lose that
> capability?
> D

Have you tried using findstr /s /m *.txt in a cmd window? <eg>

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