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Python 3 minor irritation

Gib Bogle
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Gabriel Genellina wrote:

> Sorry, I should have removed that line. This is just my setup; a normal
> Python install doesn't create that registry entry. It allows Desktop
> Search (or Windows Search, or whatever it is called nowadays; the F3
> key) to search inside .py files (default behavior is to just ignore
> their contents).
> See
>> Is this related to the fact that when I double-click on a .py file the
>> command window disappears after the execution is completed?

> (I bet the "Persistent" word confused you.) No, as you can see, it's
> completely unrelated. AFAIK, there is no way (on XP and later at least)
> to keep a console window open after the program exited. Three choices:
> - Open a cmd window and execute the script there. You may drag&drop the
> file over the window to avoid typing the full path (I think this last
> part does not work on Vista nor Win7)
> - Add a raw_input() [2.x] or input() [3.x] line at the end of the script
> - Rename it with a '.cmd' extension and add this line at the very top:
> @(C:\Python26\Python -x %~f0 %* || pause) && goto:EOF
> (see this post by Duncan Booth last month:
> )

Thanks Gabriel. I didn't know about the drag&drop capability (learn something
every day, forget two things). BTW input() works for me in 2.5.
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David Monaghan
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On Thu, 04 Feb 2010 00:39:01 +0000, David Monaghan
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>I have a small program which reads files from the directory in which it
>resides. It's written in Python 3 and when run through IDLE or PythonWin
>works fine. If I double-click the file, it works fine in Python 2.6, but in
>3 it fails because it looks for the files to load in the Python31 folder,
>not the one the script is in.
>It's not a big deal, but browsing around I haven't found why the behaviour
>has been changed or any comment about it (That might be my poor search
>technique, I suppose).
>The program fails at:
> try:
> tutdoc = minidom.parse(".//Myfile.xml")
> except IOError:
> <snip>

I very much appreciate all the help offered on this, but feel a bit of an
idiot now as I can't reproduce the behaviour (it had happened on two
separate machines).

What I am still getting is a similar problem on my work computer with the
program on a network hard drive. Not always - it'll run on repeated
attempts, then fail for a few, then work again. When it failed I ran the
script as suggested:

import os
print("curdir=", os.getcwd())
print("__file__=", __file__)

and got the response:

curdir= H:\
__file__= H:\FRCR\FRCR2010\Course documents\FRCR2009\

so it's 'sticking' at H:

For interest, I ran the script from IDLE, too, and PythonWin, on three
separate computers (2 Python3, 1 Python2.6)

With that I get a NameError for __file__

curdir= H:\FRCR\FRCR2010\Course documents\FRCR2009
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "H:\FRCR\FRCR2010\Course documents\FRCR2009\", line 3,
in <module>
print("__file__=", __file__)
NameError: name '__file__' is not defined

What have I done wrong?

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