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Re: Windows 7 x64 vs. 32bit games

Jyrki Saloniemi
Posts: n/a
Crimson Skies, which is a funny MS game doesn't work with W7/64.
It's maybe somekind of a problem with displaycard/driver.

"Peter B. Steiger" <(E-Mail Removed)> kirjoitti
viestissä(E-Mail Removed)...
>I got a barebones kit last week with the idea of making it a game monster
> that will still be good 5+ years from now, so I beefed up the memory to
> 8GB. *now* I understand that only 64bit OSes can see beyond 4GB. So
> fine, I'll install the 64bit version of Windows 7.
> The thing is, mostly I got it to run games already in my collection --
> Call of Duty, Age of Empires, etc.
> Will those run OK on the 64bit platform? Do I need do run them in XP
> Compatibility mode or otherwise do anything funky beyond install and play?
> Conversely, if they will NOT run on the 64bit version, what drawbacks are
> there to running 32bit Windows 7, other than it can't use all 8GB?
> --
> Peter B. Steiger
> Cheyenne, WY
> If you must reply by email, you can reach me by placing zeroes
> where you see stars: wypbs.**1 at

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