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Re: Very Dangerous post

Mike Easter
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Jim Watt wrote:
> Mike Easter
>> Are you suggesting that you think that the msnews filter would filter
>> your post and this one of mine?

> Its a tactic to reduce spam to filter out messages posted to
> a number of groups.

The statement of mine that you are citing was specifically about
filtering out a message because its *body* contained the string
alt.windows7.general, not anything about crossposting to more than one

That difference, body string vs Newsgroups content was emphasized and
distinguished at some length in a subsequent exchange between DHL and I
just after the message you cite.

Neither DHL's nor my message were crossposted to any other groups.

> --
> Jim Watt

Your sig delimiter is missing its required trailing space. It should be
dash dash space.

Mike Easter
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