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Final Fantasy XIII

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Article Comments for Final Fantasy XIII: Everything We Know
by John Tanaka

Summary: It's been three and a half years since Final Fantasy XIII first made its surprise appearance at E3 2006. The trailers, teaser websites, and teaser websites teasing trailers are at long last coming to an end. Final Fantasy XIII hits Japanese PS3s tomorrow, and we've got all the information Final Fantasy fans need that just can't wait for the March U.S. release date
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alphah alphah is offline
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and it just released a Chinese version!! ya hey!
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I'd really like to get it, but first I'll need a playstation 3 or an Xbox. I think that my favorite character will be Hope because he has a boomerang and I love boomerangs!
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-Cyber Opus- -Cyber Opus- is offline
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From what I have heard, the PS3 version has slightly better graphics than the Xbox 360 version (although I have yet to play the Xbox 360 verison to compare for myself)

The game itself is amazing.
The grpahics are beautiful.
The story line is epic.
The battle system is the best so far.

The only problem with this game is it's TOO HARD.
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Burtson725 Burtson725 is offline
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Great game.
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gth89 gth89 is offline
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Yeah HARD but great game
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