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NT Authentication, Network Shares, and ASP.NET

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We have an ASP.Net application that is being stored on a file share seperate from the IIS server machine. The application has been designed to use NT authentication (via User.Identity.Name) to control user access and security

We have IIS configured to list the site as a virtual directory under the website and a special "Connect As" user account and password was entered

The Problem: On development (with no file share), User.Identity.Name works as expected and returns the name of the browsing user. On test/deployment however, User.Identity.Name returns the name of the "Connect As" user that was used to establish the share between server and file system. This translation to "Connect As" user seems to occur only with ASPX pages. We've been using asp in past and have been able to retrieve the user name in this configuration using information in the headers. In fact we have a test page with asp syntax code that will report a different user name if you change the extension from .asp to .aspx

Things we've tried

We've tried to set up Active Directory delegation (machine level only) between the two servers but are still seeing the same results. Both servers are Win 2k servers on the same AD forest.

My Questions going forward

1) Is it possible to have User.Identity.Name work across an network share like we are attempting in ASP.Net?

If yes, the

2) Is delegation the answer to our problems and if so, what steps might we be missing
ie/ Do we need to set up any user level authentication? further configuration of IIS? special changes to web.config

Any other suggestions

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