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Re: if 'also' else statment

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On Fri, 08 Jan 2010 11:41:41 +0000, Paul wrote:

> I sometimes think it would be nice if c had an 'also' statement,
> which meant that 'if a preceeding condition was true, do this as well'.
> This might save some untidy work-around, or much worse, copy-
> pasting. Let me know if you have a nice neat alternative.
> Here's an example of reading a book on weekends, but not weekdays.
> Naturally, there could be many more things done on a weekend.
> P.
> if (Day == Saturday)
> {
> WalkInPark();
> }
> else if (Day == Sunday)
> {
> AttendChurch();
> }
> also
> {
> ReadABook();
> }
> else
> {
> GoToWork();
> }

Can you re-write that in a way which reflects how C interprets it?

I.e. starting with:

if (Day == Saturday)
if (Day == Sunday)

At this point, is the "also" associated with the outer "if" or the inner

Note that C doesn't have an "else if" statement. The "else" clause can
contain any statement; this can be an "if" statement, or something else.
Even if it *is* an "if" statement, it doesn't get treated any differently
because it's an "if" statement or because it's within an "else" clause.

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