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Literal Control with IFrame text, trying to remove from page without screen corruption

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I have an ASPX page with a literal control on the page. The page
structure is like a frameset (but I dont use frames, this is just to
give you an idea of how it looks) with records down the left and a
main 'viewer' to the right of this. When the user clicks on a record
the details are loaded into the main area.

When the user clicks on a certain record that has a PDF attachment
they can chose to view that PDF in the main viewer area. The PDF is
loaded by setting the text property of the IFrame to be a aspx that
loads that pdf (no custom code, just sets Response.ContentType).

The problem I have is that my 'close pdf' button does not work
correctly. All it should do is make that literal invisible so it does
not render. BUT when i do this the screen gets 'corrupted' and the
next record you load there is a mess. Scrolling is a complete mess
etc. Its as though the IFrame causes IE to screw up even though i have
told .Net to not render the literal control.

I have tried the following two approaches:

- make literal control invisible
- set text property to be ""

Any help would be really appreciated

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