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introduction to 4.0

Abdul Sami
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Hi, This is an article about new features of 4.0
Abdul Sami
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Gregory A. Beamer
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=?Utf-8?B?QWJkdWwgU2FtaQ==?= <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote
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> Hi, This is an article about new features of 4.0

Nice start, but you missed some of the best new features.

1. OutputCacheProvider - excellent way to create custom output caches.

2. Code contracts - I think these, along with Pex, can revolutionize

3. Auto start web apps - I am actually a bit shocked you missed this
one, as it is one of the most ASP.NET specific features in the mix, and
some of what you mentioned are not. Yes, there are some limitations, and
perhaps your machine has them?

4. Small session state - Not a feature one can easily exploit directly,
of course.

5. ViewStateMode - The granularity here is worth the price of admission
compared to the old model.

6. Additional browser support and a better way of defining new browsers.

7. CSS Improvements - there is a small list of improvements here.

8. "Semantic HTML" improvements (Microsoft's wording, not mine): This is
a bit more complex than I can cover here, but there are some nice
improvements to turn things on and off and render better HTML.

9. Dynamic data improvements. I don't use dynamic data for much, but
this is one of the touted new items that you can play with now in beta

10. Chart control now in Framework bits.

You also only glossed over the web publish and deploy options.

Peace and Grace,

Gregory A. Beamer (MVP)

Twitter: @gbworld

| Think outside the box! |
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James Irvine
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"Abdul Sami" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Hi, This is an article about new features of 4.0
> --
> Abdul Sami

Thanks. Are there any issues running these Beta's affecting my existing
Visual Studio 2005 / ASP .Net 3.5? Or is it safer to load these Betas on a
separate machine?

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