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A question about netiquette and topicality (on-topic for this group)

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Seebs wrote:

> I have never participated in a newsgroup that did not have fierce
> complaints about off-topic posts.

I think that's fairly common for technical newsgroups. There are many
others that are more "social" in nature. rec.arts.sf.written always has
a significant portion of posts off-topic (often political or cultural),
in fact usually a majority. Those who would complain have largely given
up. Topical threads do start and get traction, and the participants are
still by and large interested in the subject of the group.

In one of my favorite groups from the past,, the only
topical posts were off-topic ones. Alas, it is moribund these days.

The group that I think does a pretty darn good job is comp.lang.c++.
For whatever reason, the people there are more matter-of-fact and
generally decline to engage trolls and idiots in protracted debate. I
wish that the people here would try to do a similar job. There's really
no reason for anyone to be responding to Kenny, Twink, Richard NLN, etc.

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Mark L Pappin
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Ben Bacarisse <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:

> Richard Heathfield <(E-Mail Removed)> writes:
>> Nick Keighley wrote:
>>> On 7 Jan, 20:53, "Rod Pemberton" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

>> <snip>
>>>> A
>>>> small percentage of people primarily from the UK and AU (Australia)
>>> Australia? Who's from Australia? Just curious.

>> Peter "Shaggy" Heywood.

> and Chris McDonald.

and me, but I don't recall any of us engaging in behaviour such as Rod
accuses us of.

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