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question with display:table-cell

Gus Richter
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On 1/3/2010 8:40 PM, Roy A. wrote:
> On 3 Jan, 22:49, Gus Richter<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
>> On 1/3/2010 3:21 PM, dorayme wrote:

> [...]
>> Here's my text from the other article which you may not see properly
>> after your sig and which responded to the OP rather than to you. Please
>> run the example as I provided.
>> ~~~~~~~~~~
>> Sorry about the "Edit Message as New", but I wanted your markup
>> unaltered but with his original, plus my addition - all included. I hope
>> it works in your (broken?) news reader.
>> You correctly pointed out that the floats were superfluous in his
>> example, however, note that with my addition I demonstrate its usage if
>> the float were to be repositioned anywhere from its only two normal
>> float states (left and right).
>> This also gives the answer/corrects another thread in CIWAS (My VALID
>> page:....) wherein GTalbot states "Float and position should never go
>> together" and Ben C responds with "Why not?" - GTalbot has not answered
>> so far.

> If the answer is that an float is superfluous with e.g. position:
> relative, then the answer/correction is wrong. If you want an element
> to act like a floated element, but need to change the position up,
> down, left or right; then you need both eg. 'float: left' and
> 'position: relative' .
> "It [the float property] may be set for any element, but only applies
> to elements that generate boxes that are not absolutely positioned."

"IF" ?? Darn it all, I read it over and over and can't see how you
could come up with an "IF" and reverse my position! Had you read it
properly you would have noted that an example of my position was also
provided. Nothing wrong with anything else you said.


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Andy Dingley
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On 3 Jan, 19:44, richard <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Playing around with this

You'd do so much better if you tried to _learn_ something, rather than
playing around randomly.

In general though, display: table-cell et al. are best ignored. They
were originally intended for use with XML+CSS, not HTML+CSS.

For tables from HTML, use <table>

For tables from XML, use XSLT to HTML, then <table>

For HTML use they don't work well - mostly because the most useful
elements to apply them to are the <table> family anyway, where they're
already implicit. You need three levels of nesting (table, row, cell)
to get anywhere useful with table rendering in HTML so you can't do it
with simple two-level lists like <ul>. As you have to mark up with
_something_, then it's either three levels of meaningless <div>, or
just using <table> anyway.

Then there's always the potential problems of browser support.
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