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why's my bridge un-persistent?

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Wireless bridging: can get but not keep it working.

"Getting it working" means I can ping to a machine on the internet
from my wireless computer B through bridge on dual-homed computer A.
(Please see setup details below.)

But if I reboot computer A (the one with the bridge), or if I just
wait a while (maybe 10 minutes), it no longer works. The only solution
I've found is, on the bridge computer, to redefine and save the
bridge's TCP/IP properties to "obtain an address automatically" just
in order to immediately backtrack and re-enter and save the static
address info. Then computer B can again go through the bridge to the
internet. But ten minutes later it again can't.

What's going on here?

Setup details:

Computer A has internet access via wired connection to home LAN, and a
new wireless card.

Computer B has a wireless card only.

A and B have ad hoc connection between their wireless cards. There is
no wireless access point or router.

Bridging the 2 interfaces in A lets B have an address in the home LANs
usual subnet. I statically assign addresses to B's wireless card and
to A's bridge. B gets the latter as its gateway address.

B can then (for a little while) freely access the LAN.
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