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Re: event driven programming

Bruce Cook
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superpollo wrote:

> hi clc.
> i see that from time to time people get rerouted to more appropriate
> newsgroups when asking about windows applications.
> i would like to know if C gives any support to event driven (gui)
> programming, with some examples if possible.
> i know there's nothing about it in the standard library, but i am really
> courious about it: did anyone ever wrote a gui application using (a lot
> of) standard C? is there some preferred way to isolate the non portable
> part of the app?

If you look a the M$ SDK documentation you will find samples & templates of
C based event loop code. There is also similar samples for X11 event loops.

Side note:

One technique we implemented when starting on windows platforms (early '90s)
was to create a multi-thread F/E process that handled all of the windowing
events, drawing etc.

We had also implemented a similar F/E that would operate on X11.

These F/E processes had interface libraries the implemented a standard API
which the application used.

We also has a command based F/E, a NEWS (sun display postscript) F/E & a raw
VGA based F/E which implemented the same API making program portability


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