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Broken Screen/Graphics card

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I was wondering if my Laptop needs a new screen or a new graphics card, my warranty doesnt cover new screens on the extended year apparantly =='' cheap ba%^&@$&!!!! but yea here's what i know about my PC

Its a Hp Pavillion dv9700 and its running on W7, some nvidia graphics card, not sure how to check which one. according to the recipt this is ow it goes though.

HP Pavillion Dv9700t Core 2 Duo T9300-2.50GHz, 4GB 320.0GB, LightScribe, 17.0-Inch, Webcam, Modem, Ethernet Wireless, Bluetooth, Windows Vista Premium

Ok Here comes the symptoms:

The Splash Screen is discolored, Having the white parts of the Hp Logo slightly orange and the windows Splash Screen appears to have Cyan Lines running through it but only asif it was tinted, not showing up on the black parts of the screen and being harder to notice on colors other than white, when the PC loads after the splash screen either the windows logo appears to be stretched accross the screen and runs up and down, like how cartoons depict olden day movies when the film starts to burn (sorry dont know how to describe it) and if it isn't like that it just displays colored bands to make a regular pattern. When the PC Loads in Safe Mode it appears to have thousands of tiny discolored dots and the pattern changes as you change the resolution, after the dots when making the resolution a little higher it turns into cyan lines at equal intervals, something like 5 lines equally spaced with a large gap then another 5 lines. also this pattern seems to carry on in different resolutions, the lower resolution patterns have thicker lines spaced further appart and higher resolution with thinner bands but in more quantity and closer together but seeming to stay in the same ratio. also the pattern is not completely set, moving colors around the lines, a passing mouse or moving a window, changes the lines slightly, kind of asif they have set boundary's on the lines but its kind of like sand which u can fiddle with kind of if that makes any sence. they stay within the boundaries of the vertical lines but can appear slightly corroded. deleting the driver for the graphics card does allow me to load the computer with the windows VGA Driver i think it was but the discolorations are still there, but it does not get past the splash screen with a driver and i have tried several nvidia drivers in the 9m series, the one which was scanned and given (this driver was not windows 7 tested but was the one Nvidia Scanned for me) and others that were searched out being compatible with windows 7 and that worked, at first the problem only occured for a little while then fixed itself but then the problem came back more regularly, every few hours to every hour and certain things appeared to trigger this problem, running a game in full screen, watching a video i was usually doing something of this nature before the screen gave way to wild colors and lines.

Hope you guys know whats wrong with the PC much appreciated if you could help Thanks =)

Edit: i have confirmed it isn't a LCD issue because occasionally the issue does not appear and i connected it to an external monitor when the issue didn't appear and then when it reappeared both screens had the faulty display

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