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Re: Help! HDD little red light stays on!

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Peter Jason wrote:
> Why?
> Please help, P

It does that on mine, but only when the screensaver is running. And
it doesn't stop immediately when I move the mouse and the screensaver
goes away. I expect it is a bug in the driver for the chipset and
storage interfaces. It has been present since the day I got my system.

About ten seconds after coming back from the screen saver, the light
goes out. And then blinks as it is supposed to, whenever the IDE
drive is accessed. So mine is related to the ACPI state associated
with the running of the screensaver.

I don't think mine does that, when I'm running Linux. My chipset is
VIA and the Southbridge is VT8237S.

If you *never* see the LED flash at all, even once, the LED cable could
be connected to the wrong two pins. If someone has been playing around,
and moved cables on the PANEL header, I suppose something like that
could happen.


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