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Re: How to use remote to control video with Canon SX1 IS?

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"James Egan" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:Q9kTm.356637$(E-Mail Removed)
>I just got a Canon SX1 IS digital camera, which came with a wireless
> controller. According to Canon support, it's capable of controlling
> video. Here's part of Canon's email response:
> "The remote is pretty straight forward. You can zoom, play, pause, and
> stop the recording using the remote but the camera will need to be set
> to the video mode."
> So, I start the video recording, turn the display so it's facing me, then
> sit in front of the camera, but none of the buttons on the remote do
> anything. I double checked that the batteries are installed correctly.
> The documentation is very vague. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
> -Thanks


the remote does work but I cannot remember how. I do recall that it is not
user friendly.
Not of much use to me so I played no more
I bought one of these cameras a few months back and played with the remote.
It is quite functional, just badly configuered.

IIRC the operational instruction is buried somewhere in the sub/sub/sub
The instruction manual on cd contains those instructions. Somewhere.
Take a deep breath and be prepared for a long afternoon's reading.

Good luck,


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