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execnet-1.0.1: more robust and rapid python deployment

holger krekel
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Hi everybody,

Just uploaded execnet-1.0.1 featuring a new motto:
execnet is about rapid-python deployment, be it for
multiple CPUs, different platforms or python versions.

This release brings a bunch of refinements and most
importantly more robust termination, handling of CTRL-C
and automatically tested documentation::

have fun,


- revamp and better structure documentation

- new method: gateway.hasreceiver() returns True
if the gateway is still receive-active. remote_status
now only carries information about remote execution status.

- new: execnet.MultiChannel provides basic iteration/contain interface

- new: execnet.Group can be indexed by integer

- new: group.makegateway() uses group.default_spec if no spec is given
and the execnet.default_group uses ``popen`` as a default spec.

- have popen-gateways use imports instead of source-strings,
also improves debugging/tracebacks, as a side effect
popen-gateway startup can be substantially faster (>30%)

- refine internal gateway exit/termination procedure
and introduce group.terminate(timeout) which will
attempt to kill all subprocesses that did not terminate
within time.

- EOFError on channel.receive/waitclose if the other
side unexpectedly went away. When a gateway exits
it now internally sends an explicit termination message
instead of abruptly closing.

- introduce a timeout parameter to channel.receive()
and default to periodically internally wake up
to let KeyboardInterrupts pass through.

- EXECNET_DEBUG=2 will cause tracing to go to stderr,
which with popen slave gateways will relay back
tracing to the instantiator process.


* introduce execnet.Group for managing gateway creation
and termination. Introduce execnet.default_group through which
all "global" calls are routed. cleanup gateway termination.
All Gateways get an id through which they can be
retrieved from a group object.

* deprecate execnet.XYZGateway in favour of direct makegateway() calls.

* refine socketserver-examples, experimentally introduce a
way to indirectly setup a socket server ("installvia")
through a gateway url.

* refine and automatically test documentation examples


* fix EXECNET_DEBUG to work with win32
* add support for serializing longs, sets and frozensets (thanks
Benjamin Peterson)
* introduce remote_status() method which on the low level gives
information about the remote side of a gateway
* disallow explicit close in remote_exec situation
* perform some more detailed tracing with EXECNET_DEBUG


* make internal protocols more robust against serialization failures

* fix a seralization bug with nested tuples containing empty tuples
(thanks to ronny for discovering it)

* setting the environment variable EXECNET_DEBUG will generate per
process trace-files for debugging


* added new examples for NumPy, Jython, IronPython
* improved documentation
* include for lazy-importing
* integrated new serializer code from Benjamin Peterson
* improved support for Jython-2.5.1


* improve documentation, new website

* use sphinx for documentation, added boilerplate files and

* fixes for standalone usage, adding boilerplate files

* imported py/execnet and made it work standalone

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