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How to timeout when waiting for raw_input from user ?

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Try using the function timelimited from this recipe


An (untested) example with a 60 second timeout would be:

r = timelimited(60, raw_input, 'enter right or wrong: ')
except TimeLimitExpired:
except KeyboardInterrupt:


On Dec 4, 3:52*pm, northof40 <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Hi - I'm writing a *very* simple program for my kids. It asks the user
> to give it the answer to a maths question and says "right" or "wrong"
> They now want a timed version where they would only get so long to
> respond to the question.
> I'm thinking of some logic where a raw_input call is executed and then
> if more than X seconds elapses before the prompt is replied to the
> process writes a message "Sorry too slow" (or similar).
> I can't see the wood for the trees here - what's the best way to do
> this given the rather simple environment it's needed within.
> Regards
> richard.

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Here's what I came up with, though it only asks once question then
quits depending on the answer or lack thereof. And while, yes, you
can't interrupt a raw_input call from a timer, providing for a blank
line (user hitting enter) is a way around it:

import threading import Timer
from random import randrange
import sys

def multiply_game():
a = randrange(1,10)
b = randrange(1,10)
answer = raw_input('what is %s * %s?: ' % (a,b))
if not answer:
if str(answer) == str(a * b):
print 'right! '
print 'wrong '

def tooslow():
print "\ntoo slow \nHit ENTER to quit"

timer = Timer(30, tooslow) # 30 seconds
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Rune Strand
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On Dec 5, 3:42*pm, Maxim Khitrov <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> I'm not talking about the Timer, I'm talking about the original
> question. There's nothing (that I know of) you can do with a Timer on
> Windows to interrupt a raw_input call.

That is true. But if the issue here is to present a question, and
await answer for N seconds, before pusing next question, Timer() can
be used to call SendKeys() and have it send "{ENTER}" to raw_input.

SendKeys is Win-only
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