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Re: Missing gif's

Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo
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Arizona Willie wrote:
> Firefox 3.5.5 is missing some graphics.
> Yesterday I was buying some chocolates from and on the checkout
> page the continue buttons were not showing. I had to click I where I
> thought they should be and finally found them.
> Also when I go to and check the radar the picture does not
> show. If I right click on the space for the image and click < view image >
> a box opens up but it is empty. The title says it is a gif image.
> This works normally in Internet Exploder so it isn't the web site's fault.
> I've tried to find a setting that might be blocking images but have had no
> luck.

everything works for me, so a couple of things to try:

in the address bar type in about:config then hit the
enter key. Click on any warning message you may
receive. Now, look for this entry:


this is the javascript settings, so make sure its
turned on. Double click it and change it to true.

If that doesn't work, then in the same area look for
this entry:


this is something about displaying images, but make
sure its set to false.

If neither works, then close FF, and click on the
windows start button, then run and enter:

firefox.exe -safe-mode

this will start FF in safe mode. This means no
extensions, addons, etc. Does the problem continue.

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