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Can't print Chinese to HTTP

Dave Angel
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Gnarlodious wrote:
> On Dec 5, 3:54 am, Lie Ryan wrote:
>> Because of the switch to unicode str, a simple print('晉') should've
>> worked flawlessly if your terminal can accept the character, but the
>> problem is your terminal does not.

> There is nothing wrong with Terminal, Mac OSX supports Unicode from
> one end to the other.
> The problem is that your code works normally in Terminal but not in a
> browser.
> #!/usr/bin/python
> import sys, io
> print("Content-type:text/plain;charset=f-8\n\n")
> sys.stdout =o.TextIOWrapper(sys.stdout.buffer, encoding="utf-8")
> print("晉")
> The browser shows "Server error", Apache 2 reports error:
> [error] [client] malformed header from script. Bad header\xe6\x99\x89:
> So far every way to print Unicode to a browser looks very un-Pythonic.
> I am just wondering if I have a bug or am missing the right way
> entirely.
> -- Gnarlie

You change the meaning of sys.stdout without flushing the previous
instance. So of course buffering can mess you up. If you want to
change the encoding, do it at the beginning of the script.

import sys, io
sys.stdout = io.TextIOWrapper(sys.stdout.buffer, encoding="utf-8")

(You probably could use sys.stdout.flush() before reassigning, but doing
it at the beginning is better for several reasons.)

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