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I have 2 projects in one solution:
1. a library project that contains classes that talks with the db using stored procedures and classes that defined items (like Task, Worker and so on).
2. a web project that give a web user interface.

my projects contains a few abilities - tasks management, company management, port transmissions, bookkeeping, wharehouses management where each ability has its own representation on the web project and on the lib project.

Now I want to saperate the projects into modules or something like that. I want a library and a web application for each ability and I want be able to create from those modules an application as I desire. for example, I want to be ablse to create an application that contains only the abilities of tasks managements and bookkeeping.

How do I do this??
I don't want to create another copy of the library and the web projects (copies without the unwanted abilities). I want to be able to update the code once and all the projects will be work fine.

I will appriciate every answer.
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