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In article <XCyQm.34206$(E-Mail Removed)>,
"WeReo_ScoTTy" <(E-Mail Removed)_spamm84037uj> wrote:

> Of course, a LOT of summer camp scenes. There are chock full of children.
> Love children. Georgous gorgeous children.

3rd post from the bottom:

It was consensual. If you read the posts you'd see those kids were
coming on to ME. The camp had an open door policy and I wasn't about
to discourage them. You won't find a judge in the country who wouldn't
toss that case out on its own merits! It's really not surprising
because I am AWL that matters!

I didn't invite them into the shower but once there, they got
naturally curious. *Kids like to explore. *One of the reasons kids go
to camp is sex ed. *But make no mistake, it was NOT kiddie korn! *
They're all adults now worshipping at the altar of their Lord and
Savior SCOTT LIFSHINE. *They are tuned into the NEW INTELLECT. *I am
AWL that matters!

See the most interesting life of the wereo...
(taken from his webpage before he removed them)

This is where it sleeps:

This is where it prepares its food:

This is where it washes:

It calls this place home:

Recordings (2) of the so-cawl'd interviews that show just what a joke he

Lifshite being the nutcase he is:

The future home of the criminally insane mental failure:
"Turn up the voltage on the fat-guy until he shuts up"

And who can forget this classic!
Police Arrest Man at Ontario Museum

(AP) 28 Jan. 2001 - Sheriff's deputies were called to the Ontario
Museum of History and Art Monday, after a mentally ill man refused to
leave until his collection of radio tapes were put on display.
Officials say Scott A. Lifshine of New York entered the museum around 1
o'clock, carrying a shopping bag full of reel-to-reel tapes and video
cassettes. Lifshine, 42, claimed to be the only person on earth in
possession of recordings of the momentus "California Jam" concert, that
took place at the Ontario Motor Speedway in the 1970's. When told that
his tapes were not rare, or relevant to the museum's exhibits, Lifshine
became angry and refused to leave.

Deputy Ronald Juerst described Lifshine as a man with "several mental
illnesses", who has a history of confrontations in public places in New
York. Records show Lifshine was evaluated following an arrest in 1981.
He is described as a "paranoid schizophrenic with delusions of
grandeur". He told sherriff's department interviewers that he is the
"greatest rock star and movie star in the world", and that he "controls
all Internet newsgroups". Newsgroups are bulletin boards available
online which cover thousands of topics. Lifshine's carries an I.D. card
that lists his home address as a halfway house for the mentally ill in
East Rutherford, New Jersey.

MoM & PoPs weirdio wood be SO PROUD

And thanks to the many piracy reports to:

We have been able to close Mr. Lifshine's illegal music sales/download

"Then I started having sex with one of the guys. He was kinda good-
looking and blond and legal age. And he had a real nice ass. There was
some play; and he liked me too and even initiated the play. I put my
finger in his ass and he **** awl over my hand." - Scott Lifshine,
June 2nd 2009.

Read AWL about Scott Lifshine and what he says about Camp Sussex being a
NUDE camp for kids AND how he sold drugs to Camp Sussex employees:

Concerned? Outraged?
Want to tell the camp how you feel?

Camp Sussex Contact Info:
Contact Bob Silver at 718-261-8700 x13 or fax (71 793-2857
Email: (E-Mail Removed)

Office Address:
110-11 Queens Blvd., Suite 1BB
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Phone Number:
Tel 718.261.8700
Fax Number:
Tel 718.793.2857
(E-Mail Removed)
Camp Address:
110Camp Sussex
1720 Route 565
Sussex, NJ 07461

Lifshine, S
1810 Bruckner Blvd, Apt 14A
Bronx, NY 10473-3738
(71 328-2248
Type: Land Line
Provider: Verizon

Local Information for Bronx, NY
Population: 1,332,650
Total Households: 463,242
Median Age: 31.50
Median Household Income: $27,611

Source: U.S. Census Bureau; Census 2000

Quote from boy Scott was trying to hit on in the group:

You should write to the Google administrators to erase substantial and
massive crapload of your sex-driven lustful posts before anyone sees
and reads what you have written. No normal person would write massive
amounts sexual prose of their own miserable sex-life or make creepy
lustful responds to people whom they don't know, how old or what their
backrounds are. Anyone with a half of wit can see that something is
poop-wired in your head. You're very ill and fundamentally blind to
your own illness. Whatever caused you to stop taking your medicine
years ago has made you cross way beyond moral thinking and has made
you incredibly creepy.

> I could really love you if you knock off that "pedophile" bullshit.

They always believe 'love' is the same as 'lust.' Creeps also always use
quotation marks when they want to rub it under the carpet after they
have been revealed to be what they really are. The lust keeps them
clinging on the target even though the target turned out to be
reluctant of their urges. It's amazing how many of the creeps there are
on the internet and how many will be revealed in time if a right person
happens to be around. Unfortunately, in this world, some of them will
never get caught and continue their ill and creepy ways.

I despise the creeps and what they have done to this world.

> Say it to my mouth outside the CAMP Gate.

Ill-logical creeps also project many of their own failures onto normal
people after their illness has been brought under the spotlight. The
ill-logical creeps always get stuck into their own mind, jumping rampant
with their pogosticks in circles. The creeps also want to ask the same

John Wayne Gacy **** drunk and passed out in the swimming pool isn't
suppose to be funny for the creep's supporters.

Yay for St. Lucy's Day and Christmas!

Christmas Carrol of the Creep's Rock
[traditional hymn for St. Lucy's Day, Dec 13]

Creep saw a pretty, innocent above, twinkling in a tree...

In hasty blinding urge, the creep would beat his meat
for since in weeks he had none young to eat
"This time I will be sure to cheat
and now will turn on the heat!"

Climbed a tree so thick and high
the creep released a lustful sigh
Ignored to look that of a small twig
which refused to carry the pedophile's grip

Didn't see it coming, so fast was the pace
Fell down hard to his own creepy disgrace

Now the creepy, massive Jew
his own busted, bloody gums he chew
Heard something which snapped
twas just his own teeth and ribs that cracked

"Oh little leaf of joy
who made me screw this rock in pain!
Oh curse and curse
you made me freakin' insane!
Since no teeth and glory I have now
a marriage could only work with a cow!

Came a year, came a few
The old creepy pedophile, the Jew
died alone, creepy insane, his mind it blew

But Christmas time came again, o-hoy
The little branch of joy
waved in peace and in harmony
Twas always then when
snowflakes fell on the ground
Covering in white, made all land spellbound

Only one bald, gruesome spot
always stood still and ill
Never was it healed
and forever the pedophile's true place was sealed.
At Creep's Rock.

( ^_______________^ )

l creep molested the neighbor but the neighbor was obviously in terror
on top of dried out cockroaches. The Calmjam recording stuffed inside
the neighbor's mouth must have kept the neighbor quiet during the
process of urge releasing.

Ill creep molested the neighbor but the neighbor was obviously in terror
on top of dried out cockroaches. The Calmjam recording stuffed inside
the neighbor's mouth must have kept the neighbor quiet during the
process of urge releasing.

Ill creeps always desire for another round of teenage poontang buffet.

Ill-logical creep's nerves are fried because of lack of sleep due to
urges of lust rushing through the creep's mind. The creep shouldn't had
try to reach and grab the little branch of joy. But pedophiles always
make the same mistake.

Like previously mentioned, the creep does have the ill pogostick
syndrome. It's amazing what ill and creepy lust can do to a person.

You're projecting and irritated that the dormant insanity has spread
across your mind. Your late hours by the computer is the proof. Not to
mention your massive amounts of creepy posts.

The wereo is ill and surreal NAMBLA mascot. It's all very absurd and yet
so true.

Pogo pedophile is jumping in circles in his own mind on top of his
ridiculous pogostick, then fell down and the pogostick accidentally
swung abruptly into Pogo's stinky throat.

Now the ill creep can't sleep. The ill urges and frustration will keep
him awake and make him release creepy hyena noises. Creeps can never
help themselves.

Mentally ill creeps should always purchase plastic, inflatable sheeps to
get rid off their weekly ill and dormant urges.

*I Gateąd The PIG*
To the tune of: I Started a Joke by The Bee Gees

I gateąd The PIG
Which started the whole world laffing
But Shitshine was too STUPID to see
IT was really AWL about ME, oh yes

I started to laff, which started the whole net laughing,
Oh, if Iąd only seen that the PiGGy has fleas

I looked at the screen, wiping the tears from my eyes,
And I fell out of bed, Laffiną my ass off from things that Iąd said.

Til the pig finally died, which started the whole world living,
Oh, if Iąd only seen what a grand day thatąd be

>........('(...´...´.... Ż~/'...')
>..........\............... _.·´

"Scott Lifshine is the biggest joke on the Internet" -Desk Rabbit
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