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Number of distinct substrings of a string [continuation]

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On Nov 29, 11:43*pm, Bearophile <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> Anyway, you may try a pure-Python2.x implementation:

Ouch, Bearie... 214 lines of code are there.
Ok.. I tested it.
Firstly I replaced all "print " with "pass##print "
(aiming to avoid intensive printing from inside of the code).

Then I left in its final part only building of suffix trees.

================================================== ================

from time import time
t = time()

import sys
sys.stdin = open('D:/88.txt', 'rt')
f =

z = open('D:/99.txt', 'wt')

for tc in range(int(f[0])):
s = f[tc + 1]
test_str = s + '$'
POSITIVE_INFINITY = len(test_str) - 1
suffix_tree = SuffixTree(test_str)
print >> z, 'len(s) =', len(s)

print >> z, 'time =', time() - t
================================================== ==========

================================================== ==========
len(s) = 1000
len(s) = 1000
len(s) = 10000
time = 0.641000032425
================================================== ==========

0.64s > 0.48s (of my algo)
I.e. the code can't help in my very special and narrow case.

But of course it is worthy to be studied and memoized.
from huge string "s" we built its Suffix Tree.
Now we are given arbitrary string "ss".
Task: to find the largest its prefix occured in "s",
traversing its Suffix Tree.

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