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Re: Wireless Router Question:

Jack [MVP-Networking]
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While in theory it is possible that only the Switch part of the Router is
damaged, it is unlikely.
Since the Wireless works the Router's Routing is OK too the Router is
configured correctly.
There is No point to keep running the configuration software, it will make
thing worse.
Try to configure the Desktop Networking setting Manually.
This XP page explains the principles of debugging Network connection,
This relates more specifically to Vista,
Use the "IP Assigned by DHCP server" configuration.
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking).

"Respondant" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:her9cl$j4m$(E-Mail Removed)
> Preface: Recent lightning strike very close to home. Cable modem and
> desktop NIC fried. Wireless router *WAS* connected at time of strike.
> Modem, NIC and both ethernet cables replaced. New Surge protector/battery
> backup installed.
> The situation is this: It's a standard wireless setup. All three (1
> desktop, 2 laptops) machines run Vista. Router is Netgear. Wired the
> conventional way. Modem to Internet of wireless router, out of the router
> to the desktop. Here's what I have:
> If I connect the desktop directly to the modem, it connects to the
> Internet just fine. BUT ... When I put the router into the mix and go
> through the setup using the Netgear installation CD it continually fails
> at the point where it's "reconfiguring the network" (not sure if that's
> exactly what it says, but it's something similar) and reports that it
> can't obtain an IP, tells me to exit the setup and try agian. Which I
> have. Four additional times, and I keep getting the same error message.
> BUT: Each time after I run the installer what happens is the wireless
> signal works and both laptops can connect to the Internet, however the
> desktop no longer can. (I get the "limited or no connectivity" message)
> So my questions are;
> -- Is it possible that *JUST* the port side (I've tried all 5) of the
> router got fried during the lightning strike? This is the only thing that
> makes sense to me, as I can have the desktop connected to the Internet
> standing alone, or the 2 laptops connected wirelessly, but not all 3 at
> the same time.
> -- Anything else I should check before purchasing a new wirelss router?
> Thanks,
> Bill

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