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Re: strange behavior of xsl:if

Martin Honnen
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IRQ wrote:

> Can someone tell me why sometimes there is a paying blank and sometimes
> not, for the same XML invoice data. Please look on my example data below
> (i publish appropriate fragments of my xml and xsl files), and say what
> i should improve in my test condition.

> fragment of my invoice XML
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
> <Faktura>
> <!-- more invoice data -->
> <Egzemplarz Rodzaj="Oryginał" Id="0" />
> <DaneBlankietu>
> <RodzajBlankietu>1</RodzajBlankietu>
> <Blankiet>
> </Blankiet>
> </DaneBlankietu>
> </Faktura>
> fragment of my xsl
> <!-- xslt transformation to xsl_fo -->
> <xsl:if
> test="($Faktura/ProcessingInfo/DaneBlankietu/RodzajBlankietu =1) and
> ($Faktura/ProcessingInfo/Egzemplarz/@Rodzaj =
> 'Oryginał' or
> $Faktura/ProcessingInfo/Egzemplarz/@Rodzaj =
> 'Duplikat')">
> <!-- in invoice should be the paying blank -->
> </xsl:if>

Consider to post a minimal but complete XML input and stylesheet that
allows us to reproduce the problem.
Then post the result you get and the result you want instead.
And also tell us which XSLT processor you use.


Martin Honnen
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