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Cisco NAT by port - challenging question

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Hey all,

My goal is to forward all traffic from an inside LAN that requests port 21 to an external (internet) IP address.

I've been told to look into policy based routing and NAT, and after about 20 hours of researching and testing, I've learned so much.

Anyway, I'm trying to test the following simple configuration and I CANNOT get NAT to work for the life of me. Any ideas why not?


Router#show ip nat statistics
Total active translations: 0 (0 static, 0 dynamic; 0 extended)
Outside interfaces:
FastEthernet1/0, FastEthernet2/0
Inside interfaces:
Hits: 28 Misses: 5
Expired translations: 5
Dynamic mappings:
-- Inside Destination
access-list 111 pool hello refcount 0
pool hello: netmask
start end
type rotary, total addresses 51, allocated 0 (0%), misses 0

Summary: C0 is, F0/0
C1 is, F1/0
C2 is, F2/0

Access List
Router#show access-lists
Extended IP access list 111
permit tcp any any

At this point, I initiate a TCP connection from C0 to C1. The NAT should kick in on interface F0/0 (C0's inside interface), and translate the destination IP from C1 ( to (from the pool, invalid address but I just want to see it translated). However, NAT does NOTHING. Even though the access list was MATCHED. Here's the outcome of NAT debug:

03:20:29: NAT: i: tcp (, 1081) -> (, 80) [3471]
03:20:29: NAT: o: tcp (, 80) -> (, 1081) [383]
03:20:29: NAT: o: tcp (, 80) -> (, 1081) [385]
03:20:29: NAT: i: tcp (, 1081) -> (, 80) [3476]

And when I check access list again, I see that the match was indeed made:
Router#show access-lists
Extended IP access list 111
permit tcp any any (2 matches)

Why isn't NAT kicking in even while the access-list is being matched? I'm so stumped, been stuck here for hours.

Any help would really be appreciated, thanks so much!

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