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psgml NOFILL not operative

Peter Flynn
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I have been using Emacs with psgml-mode for many years, and relying on
the NOFILL PI to prevent listings and other linespecific element types
from being disturbed when I issue a C-c C-q. In the current version
(1.3.2, with Emacs22 under Ubuntu 9.10), it appears that this requires
(with DocBook as my example)

<?PSGML ELEMENT programlisting nofill=t ?>
<?PSGML ELEMENT literallayout nofill=t ?>

Neither of these has any effect: a C-c C-q will fill all material in
scope in mixed content and re-indent all element types in element
content, *including* programlisting an literallayout.

I have obviously misunderstood something about the way this should be
specified, but I cannot see what. In earlier versions, I was using the
PI <?PSGML NOFILL programlisting literallayout?> but this has no effect
now either.

Is anyone else using this successfully?

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