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Re: Gigaset firmware update. (S685ip)

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>> Just realised I've been using for 3 years for inbound
>> calls. Doesn't time fly.

> Arghhhhhh While printing of some voipfone invoices I found the following
> on their forum:
> "Siemens Firmware Upgrade, DON'T Update
> We've had a number of calls today from Siemens phone users having issues
> today since upgrading the firmware on their phone.
> If you see your phone pop up showing a request to update, please don't
> upgrade the firmware at this stage"
> Ho Hum... time will tell.
> Bugger bugger bugger.

I know the feeling!
I got a Thompson router do go with my new BE ADSL2+ connection.
It was all preconfigured, but there was a note in the box that said "Stop.
Put the supplied CD in before connecting the BeBox.

Well I couldn't find a slot wide enough to take the CD on the router itself,
so I wondered if they meant me to put it in one of my computers, so against
my better judgement I put it in my laptop. The first thing it wanted to do is to replace
the routers firmware, not something I would have chosen to do without
consideration. The first attempt seemed to fail, which was a bit of a worry,
the second attempt succeeded however.

I had a look through the Thompson's web config options and was left
a bit underwhelmed, and made the decision that my trusty Netgear DG834PN
with the latest firmware might be a better option so I re-connected that, only
to find that my laptop now refused to play at Internet.

*The blankety-blank CD config had only secretly changed my LAN settings
from DHCP to a static one of 192.168.1.x *

They must actually like the average users calling their support line with
"Since we got BE I can't use my laptop in Maccy Ds"
(That's Mancunian for Mc Donald's)



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