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Re: Apple Airport suddenly needs to be rebooted every day

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"Jack B. Pollack" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
news:(E-Mail Removed) m:

> I have a client with an AirPort Extreme. He has been using it for
> several years without a problem. Suddenly EVERY day (definitely when he
> wakes up in the morning and sometimes at other points in the day - as
> far as I can tell when the computer is idle) the status light blinks
> yellow.
> When this happens he looses the wireless connection. If I plug an
> ethernet cable into the AirPort it shows up under the AirPort Admin
> Utility, but is unable to read the configuration to determine what the
> AP is unhappy about. A simple power cycle fixes the problem.
> I first thought it might be a problem with the AP so I replaced it with
> a new one (having the latest firmware).
> Same problem.
> I have since replaced all ethernet cables and the Time Warner Road
> Runner cable modem. Same problem.
> I even tried a LinkSys router in front of the AP and put the AP in
> bridge mode, but no joy.
> A few other points:
> If I sleep the MacBook I CAN NOT get the problem to happen (I am only
> waiting max 10 min)
> We "coincidently" replaced his 3 year old MacBook with a new one (with
> OS 10.61) a few days before this problem started. I cant see how this
> could be the problem as it happens when the computer is sleeping and the
> fix is to reboot the AP not the computer, but the timing is awfully
> suspicious.

So this person never shuts off their computer. Not very good. If *I* put
my computer on standby, I lose my internet connection to this computer
too. I have to restart. There are other reasons to shut down a computer
when it's not being used as well - hydro bills, What happens if there's a
power outage, memory leaks. There's others. Most likely the router.modem
pools the computer periodically to see if it's still answering. If it's
not - sleep is only manually deacitvated - then it shuts down that connection.

I would also hazard a guess that this (apparently widespread) behavior decreases
the life of the computer significantly.

(setq (chuck nil) car(chuck) )
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