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ASA 5505 Security Plus

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Is there a way to address the "inside" address of an ASA5505 to something other than the default scheme ip address. I bought this device to route all my internet traffic through and open up an DMZ channel and connect 1 client with VPN. I planned on trunking all ports except one for DMZ to my managed switch. The rest of my network is 192.x.254.x. I tried to address as such and I can no longer communicate with my ASA through ASDM. I really don't want to change all static addressed devices on my network. I would think that you should be able to address it any way you want as long as you know what address it is to use ASDM.
I am new to Cisco products (except managed Linksys Small Business series routers and switches). I have read for days and am getting very frustrated.

Help, Scott
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