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What is ethernet

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Network involves connecting of computers, workstation and peripheral devices such as router, switch, bridges and hub. These devices are interconnected with the help of medium. There are several types of network such as local area network, wide area network and so on.

Ethernet is the most widely used local area network technology and is formally define by the IEEE 802.3 standard. The most commonly used Ethernet system is 10 Base-T. Which provides a transmission speed up to 10 mbps? Knowledge of 10 Base-T will help you understand current Ethernet technologies.

* 10 Base T Topology: The 10 Base-T is the most popular implementation of Ethernet. It uses a physical star topology in which each node connects to a central hub. The hub receives the signals and regenerates them. The stations are connected to the hub using twisted pair cables. It is easy to use, use of unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cabling and its low cost are some of the popular feature of 10 Base-T Ethernet.


* In 10 Base-T, if a cable running to a specific node breaks or the computer it self fail, if affects only that computer not the entire network.
* It is easy to troubleshoot a 10 Base-T.
* In 10 Base-T devices can be added and removed without affecting the network.


* In 10 Base-T the maximum distance from the hub to the node canít exceed 100 meters.
* As 10 Base-T uses UTP cable, it is sensitive to electrical noise.
* A 10 Base-T canít connect more than 1024 computers.
* Meaning of 10 Base-T: The 10 refers to the transmission speed of 10 mbps. Base stands for base band signaling and T stands for twisted pair cable. Hence, 10 Base-T is also known as twisted pair Ethernet.
* Cabling Condition: 10 Base-T wiring is specified using a set of characteristics like attenuation, impedance, propagation, delay and type of noise. Most UTP cables come with stranded Kevlar fiber which gives the added strength to the cable. 10 Base-T uses two pairs of wires; one for transmitting data and the second for receiving data.UTP cable uses RJ-45 connector to connect to hub and NIC. UTP cables are wired in such a way that pins 1 and 2 are on one twisted pair and pins 3 and 6 are on a second pair. Maximum length of cable uses is 100 meters from a hub to node.
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