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Lens question

John Turco
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-hh wrote:

<edited for brevity>

> Slaves do have shortcomings, but they can be made to work in some
> circumstances...<edited>

<heavily edited>

How could you possibly condone slavery? I'm utterly appalled by your
callous attitude!

John Turco <(E-Mail Removed)>

Paintings Pain and Pun <>
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Филимон Лаковид
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In general: a DX lens mounted on a FF camera will typically result in
vignetting under at least some condition (apperture/focal lenght
combination). The other way round, i.e. mounting a FF lens on a DX
camera is no problem.

Canon specific: Any EOS-lens can be mounted on any EOS-camera. However
the EOS system (using the EF mount) is completely incompatible to the
earlier FD mount system.
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