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Redesigning Network

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I am currently redesigning a network and have run into a roadblock.
Core Switch - 3550
Distro Switch1 - 3550
Distro Switch2 - 3550
Access Switch - 2950
Vlan 10 - Server
Vlan 20 - User
Vlan 30 - Management
Loopback 10 set up on Distro Switch 1, 2, and Core Switch

The design:
Servers come off Distro Switch1. Distro Switch1 connects into the Core Switch via 4 port L3 EtherChannel.
Users come off the Access Switch. Access Switch Gig0/1 connects to Gig0/1 of Distro Switch2. Connection is set for trunking, dot1q, and allowed vlans 10,20,30
Distro Switch 2 connects to Core switch via 4 port L3 EtherChannel

I would like to configure EIGRP between Distro Switch 1 and Core Switch, and Distro Switch 2 and Core Switch. However is this possible without creating SVIs? If not, is there a benifit trying to run EIGRP if I am using SVI for L3 routing?

Thanks for the help.
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