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Announcement of Release 0.6 of OmniPortal

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Please ingnore if you don't care I know there are some users on this newsgroup that use OmniPortal.

Release of OmniPortal 0.6 Announcement

OmniPortal's main goal for it's life span has been to create a flexible generic framework that any developer can build off of. In fact everything you see on the site,, is built off the core (not included in), so if you totally hate what I did, you can use the core to create your own custom site and modules with out having to use anything that I have done for the look and feel.

The core, or the Kernel, is essentially two tiers, the Data Access Layer (DAL) and the Business Layer (BL). The DAL is a generic layer that handles all access to any database that supports ADO.Net, this includes Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC, and some other open source database libraries such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. You can effortlessly switch between any of the databases listed without any problem, currently Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server have been tested (MySQL testing is in progress).

Please visit the following for more information:

About OmniPortal :
Release Notes :
Homepage :
Project Site :


This release includes the following new features:

1/9/2004 - 0.6 Beta - Build 136

+ Added setup script for both Microsoft SQL database and Access Database.

+ Added three new modules, UserProfile Module for registering users and a Module Administration Module for the admin of modules that have the ModuleAdminAttribute. In addition to an improved NewsModule which is now called ArticleModule

- Removed NewsModule because of the change to NewModule.

* Fixed a couple security problems that were arising when logging in and moving through out the site.

* Removed the need of the User Role, because any Authenticated user is in actuality a user. There is now support for a Super User, which is a user that is just below the security level of the Administrator.

- Removed all Stored Procedures out of database in order to support databases that don't have support for Stored Procedures. (i.e. Access, MySQL, etc.)

* [846079] Fixed Error when logging in.

* [846081] Fixed Errors for stored procedures that couldn't be found.

* Revamped caching procedures and how the database is stored in memory.

* Portal and Site have been switched because they make more sense. A site is a URL such as and a Portal is an interface for a website. Plus too many people asked me about this so I switched them around.

+ Added support for bots on each page as well as content rating.

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