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C++ builder help required.

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Dear sir,

I am using Borland C++ Builder 6, have installed LMD Tơol version 7, and ABC for Delphi 6 companion version (runtime pakage only)

on my PC.

When I compiled a software unit, I received the following error messages:

[C++ Error] iss_hmi_gui_cached.h(5: E2209 Unable to open include file 'abcbtn.hpp'
Full parser context
C++ Error] iss_hmi_gui_cached.h(59): E2209 Unable to open include file 'abcctl32.hpp'
Full parser context
[C++ Error] iss_hmi_gui_cached.h(61): E2209 Unable to open include file 'abcexctl.hpp'

[C++ Error] Lmdcontrol.hpp(24): E2209 Unable to open include file 'Uxtheme.hpp'

[C++ Error] Lmdcustomspeedbutton.hpp(22): E2209 Unable to open include file 'Uxtheme.hpp'

I have search my PC, and I could not find the Uxtheme.hpp file anywhere.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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