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Re: netbook repair

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DJH wrote:
> I slopped half a cup of coffee (with sugar) over my Advent 4489. It
> didn't all go directly over it but it splashed it. I dried it out and
> the processor etc works ok but most of the keys on the keyboard aren't
> working. It's only 6 months old but of course I can't find the receipt
> etc for it now . What's the likelihood of it being repaired at a
> reasonable cost (i.e. under 100 quid - I'm in the UK) or is it scrap?

On a regular laptop, the keyboard would be modular and removable.
Some people manage to change keyboards themselves. The only
trick might be, when you buy a keyboard, getting the right
language of keyboard. Some laptops have four or more choices
for keyboards, and you have to be careful to get the right one.
Presumably, there is a delicate cable on the thing, and one tug
the wrong way, could mean you're shopping for a new cable as well.

Example of a keyboard, here.

In terms of cleaning keyboards, some people claim you can disassemble
and rinse the keyboard while it is still wet with the coffee. I tried
that with an expensive ($150.00) keyboard, and even after all that
care (cleaning and thorough drying), three of the keys didn't work.
That keyboard was assembled with steel rivets, so I couldn't tear
it apart for a look. Steel rivets tend to spin when you drill them,
and I didn't even try.

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