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Re: television stroke PC monitor

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Silver Surfer wrote:
> I have never owned a television in my life. I am now thinking of buying one,
> because I now do not have to buy a television licence, (which put me off
> buying televisions in the past) and it seems the one I have in mind can be
> used as a PC monitor (which is the most important to me). The one I have in
> mind, seems a bargain, but I have a
> couple of questions I would like resolved, and try as I might and I have, I
> can't get the answers to these questions.
> I wonder if any one here has experience and can help me out here.
> If it can double between being a TV, and being a Pc monitor, how easy is
> it to switch between one mode and the other? I hope it does not take a
> boatload of intelligence as that is in short supply in my department.
> Do you think it would come with all the necessary cables and
> attachments? Also with instructions that even a halfwit like me could
> understand?
> I am in England and the offer is from BT. as follows.
> Toshiba 22DV615DB 22" LCD/DVD Combi 228.98 inc vat
> What do you think (is it a good buy?) and could this auld bloke manage to
> operate it?
> I would be grateful for any of your advice or wisdom.

Hi Silver

I'd like to sugest a cheaper (and better tv/monitor) Samsung LE22B350
22" LCD TV Freeview HD Ready 1366x768 1xHDMI PC Input 1xSCART Black 1
Year Warranty ( it does not have a
dvd player but you already probably have one, if not you can get one for
around 10-15 ether from the same site or from a supermarket.

on the remote there will be a button called PC you just press that to
switch between TV and PC, you can use your existing PC monitor cable to
connect to the TV, you may have to purchase a Stereo to Stereo jack for
pc sound (3 from maplin or supermarket)

Good Luck
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