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Re: disappearing swap file

- Bobb -
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"Periproct" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:(E-Mail Removed)...
> Having a load of hard disks spare I decided to try the following:-
> 120G SATA for the operating system
> 35G SATA for the swap file
> 320G SATA for applications
> plus a couple of PATA for storage
> (Windows XP)
> I thought that would be 'a good thing' for reliability and performance.
> The PC started running a CHKDSK type check on the 35G on every start-up
> but didn't report any errors. The PC is taking an age to start up and I
> discovered I had no swap file. Simple workaround would be to move the
> swapfile to one of the other hard disks which I did and got the prompt to
> restart the PC but every time it restarts I'm back to no swapfile
> whichever disk I choose to use.
> The PC is full of software and I'd normally accept it is time for a format
> and reinstall but I'd like to crack this problem. Any ideas?
> Regards

What are you doing that you need a 35gb swap file ?
How much memory in the box ?
When you say no swapfile - so you HAD set it to D and after reboot,chksk,
you check and it shows default settings for C: ?
Put XP on Autosize for swap file on C - do your 'normal routine' and check
to see - how much swap space did you max out at. If only a small amount then
maybe drive might not be needed /being used. How about power settings ?
Might it be that you are not doing much, so do not need access to the drive.
Power settings spins the drive down and never needed again. You shutdown
and - drive "was not dismounted properly " so runs chkdsk.

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