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Re: How to add Page.User.Identity.Name into a class file?

Gregory A. Beamer
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"aspfun via" <u53138@uwe> wrote in

> I use Page.User.Identity.Name to get user's login ID but it only works
> in the page.
> I want to add it into a class file but got an error said:
> Reference to non-shared member requires an object reference
> How fix it?

Mark already answered how to do it. Now I am going to tell you why you
should not do it and instead add the identity as a variable to the class
or routine in question.

When you pull from HttpContext in a library, you end up ensuring the
library cannot be used by anything other than a web application. This
may be okay, but realize the coupling becomes a constraint if, for
example, management wants a WPF application with the same code base.

You can create a UI only class library to handle the pull from
HttpContext, with windows specific UI class lib(s) for other apps, but
it makes things a bit dicier to maintain.

In the long run, feeding the application from UI is a better option.

Peace and Grace,

Gregory A. Beamer

Twitter: @gbworld

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