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ADSL and monitored alarm...

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On Sep 30, 7:19*pm, Nicolaas Hawkins <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> On Tue, 29 Sep 2009 23:05:02 -0700 (PDT), peterwn <(E-Mail Removed)>
> wrote in
> <news:(E-Mail Removed)>:
> > On Sep 30, 2:30*pm, JohnO <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> >> On Sep 30, 2:06*pm, Dave Doe <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> >>> What do you need to do to make ADSL work OK over a phone line with a
> >>> monitored alarm system.

> >>> Additionally there is a fax number on this line (faxability / distinct
> >>> ring).

> >>> I see (badly copy n' pasted below from Telecom's website), that they
> >>> will "do stuff" for $199. *I'm wondering what they do?

> >>> Set-up options
> >>> Connection onlyFree
> >>> until 31 October 2009
> >>> AddWe connect your home line to Telecom Broadband at your local exchange
> >>> - no technician visit is required. This is the best option if you are
> >>> connecting one computer to broadband and have less than 5 jack points in
> >>> use in your house
> >>> No filter is needed for the jack point (phone socket) your modem is
> >>> connected to, but you need a filter for every device you have connected
> >>> to your broadband phone line - including phones, fax machines, answering
> >>> machines, SKY digital decoders, and digital modems
> >>> *Connection & Wiring$199.00
> >>> until 31 October 2009
> >>> AddYou'll need this option if you have a monitored or medical alarm
> >>> system, if you have five or more jack points in use or your modem cord
> >>> does not reach your wall.
> >>> A service technician visits your home (we can confirm a time and date of
> >>> visit) and connects your home line to Telecom Broadband at your local
> >>> exchange.

> >>> --
> >>> Duncan.

> >> The monitored alarm is just another analog POTS device such as a phone
> >> or fax, right? So as long as all the POTS devices are connected with
> >> an ADSL filter you should be fine.

> I have just checked with a friend who is a telecom tech and does these sorts
> of installs for a living.
> He informs me that such installations require a splitter (which is basically
> an industrial-strength filter) adjacent to the point of entry and separate
> wiring from the unfiltered side of the splitter to dedicated ADSL connection
> points within he building. *From the output (filtered) side of the splitter
> are run the normal telephone jacks and the alarm connection (which, by
> convention, is the first connection in that circuit).

Unfortunately the 'splitters' cost a fortune and in any case are not
available at the retail level (DSE, Jaycar etc). That is why I use an
ordinary plug through filter as a 'splitter'. Presumably the proper
'splitters' are less prone to failure than the plug through filters
but the functionality is the same. If a plug through gilter used as a
'splitter' fails, it is easily replaced with another.
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Nicolaas Hawkins
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On Thu, 1 Oct 2009 01:34:58 +1300, Dave Doe <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in
<news:(E-Mail Removed)>:

[snip for brevity]

> Nicolaas Hawkins... does this sound good to you? - get a splitter/filter
> installed by the sky installer at the point of entry (or whereever) - so
> that the alarm is filtered as "phone" frequency - the rest goes through
> to the house, and is further filtered (I presume) - "phone" or
> "internet".

Yes, that sounds reasonable to me.

> I am presuming that the alarm calls out on "phone" frequency. I think
> (but didn't check) that the alarm "phones home" once a day.

Yes. As far as the 'phone home' thing goes, I don't know - but it seems
likely for testing purposes. It would probably depend on the policy and
procedures of the monitoring company.

> I guess what I'm worried about, is that the alarm won't be a standard
> (jack) connection (and therefore not straightforward to put a filter
> on).

Hence the preference (requirement?) to use a splitter rather than individual
filters in such an installation. I am subject to correction on this, but I
would expect burglar alarms to usually be hard-wired into the system, but
medical alarms would more likely plug in to a standard phone jack.

- Nicolaas
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