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On Sat, 03 Oct 2009 18:58:26 +0000, Gordon Henderson wrote:

> In article <(E-Mail Removed)>, Dave <>
> wrote:
>>My problem is that I have a Asterisk box and can't use the built-in
>>ATA's as they 'take over' port 5060 inbound so nothing can login from
>>outside, set the port to '0' and everything is ok apart from the ATA's
>>obviously don't work !. Ivor can you use the ATA's on the Fritz if you
>>have a Asterisk box that is ?

> I've seen the same issue with a Fritz box, but I didn't have a chance to
> fully experiment (on a customers site at the time - I just used IAX to
> get their trunk working rather than fiddle with their Fritz box)
> I don't thnink Drayteks will SIP register on the internal LAN either, so
> even trying to use their ATAs on a different port might not work - might
> have a change to try that this weekend though - my own setup sits in the
> DMZ and the Draytek 2600v seems to pass the wife test...
> Gordon

I know the Fritz router (7140) IP is but if you want to IP
link to a Fritz Fon on a local network what IP would you use?
For example, I have been experimenting with SiptoSis (Skype<>SIP gateway).
I can make my SPA-3102 ring on an incoming Skype call, using its SIP
address (though the audio doesn't work) I'd like to try the same thing on
the Fritz. Has anyone tried linking to a Fritz Fon via a local IP address?

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