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Re: I only use fire fox but

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remove <"welsh(remove)wizard29"> wrote in
news(E-Mail Removed):

> I.E on my machine so I thought I would uninstall it. Add
> remove programmes, not there, msconfig , not there, CC
> Cleaner add remove , not there . So where do I uninstall
> it? Vista by the way. Thanks.

It's OK to /have/ IE on your machine but it's not OK to use it
for anything but viewing .chm files.

Get Opera10USB, it rules.

Get "Associate" or "WinAssociate" or whatever will work with
Vista to make sure web pages/desired content are /handled BY/

Or, simply, the best way is to start the browser and /then/ type
the URL etc. Or use a URL Organizer - type program. I do not
believe MS/IE's protocol handling hijacking will be possible,
but then I don't use Vista OR XP.

Lots of theoretical butchers are alleged and other bloody eyes
are suitable, but will Pam secure that?
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