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Wireless Access points

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I have an office with about 60 POE Linksys Accesspoints spread over 5 Floors Accessing ADSL connection thru single LinkSys ADSL Modem. I Joined new to the company and i want to Fix a name for the connection for Full building as ex. XYZ Wi-Fi and with a similer encryption password for all Access points.

Is there a way i set in router these two and all the Access points automatically get configured with encryption password and Wi-Fi Name ??

Physically reaching each access point is almost impossible and I disparate figureout a way to set encryption password and Wi-Fi name.
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technoplume technoplume is offline
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I'm not an expert, but if all your access point are routers, they all have there own DHCP server. You would probably have to set them individual. Unless you have a good product it could have a function to synchronize the firmware and software in all the routers. Then you could modify the program and force an update, whit the new Key.

On the other side if your access point are just signal boaster, or relay. They usually only need to know were to connect and what IP to forward. The Main router Host the DHCP server and gives IP address to the client.
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