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Deployment of 3rd party library

Derek Fountain
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Real newbie one this... I've got a copy of the MySQL connector library,
which I've installed with Visual Studio. It works fine in the developer
environment, I can connect to my DB and my application works with the
database's data.

The issue is what I do in order to deploy this to another machine. I
could arrange permission to run the MySQL package installer binary, but
I'd be a lot happier if I could work out how to just bundle the MySQL
code with my application.

The MySQL code installs into a directory which contains a number of
subdirectories, one of which is called Assemblies. This contains 4 .dll
files. From what I know, it seems like I should be able to copy those
DLL files into my application in some way and have the ASP.NET framework
recognise and use them when my application needs them.

Can it be made that simple? Where do I start?

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