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Re: Question about inline

Roy A.
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On 27 Aug, 19:47, sheldonlg <sheldonlg> wrote:
> I want to have a link pass a value from a field on a form. *I can do
> this by having the href call a javascript function. *I was wondering if
> this can be done inline. *The url is
> The "Click with function" works and the "Click with inline" doesn't pass
> the value.

Both links works in my browsers. Which browser are you using?

> I have tried many things to get the inline to work, but have
> not had success. *Can it be done inline? *If yes, please tell me how?

Why are you not using a regular form element?

<form id="the_form" action="foo.php" method="get">
Text: <input type="text" name="text" />
<input class="the_link" type="submit" value="Click with button" />

#the_form { display: inline }
#the_form .the_link { border: none; padding: 0; vertical-align:
baseline }

You could also use javascript with an a element to submit the form:

<a href="foo.php?text=no_javascript" onclick="document.the_form.submit
()">Click with a element</a>
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