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Re: Mixed language simulation on the cheap

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"Rob Gaddi" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
>I only speak VHDL. Unfortunately, the memory interface generator in
> ISE 11.2 for Spartan-6 only speaks Verilog. Specifically, the device
> models underneath are in the silly encrypted Verilog format, so I can't
> even go spelunking around.

I assume they use SecureIP in which case you need a "new" Swift interface
license. This is a lot cheaper than a PE VHDL+Verilog license.


> So far, Modelsim XE Starter (free) has been sufficient for all my
> simulation needs. In order to do mixed language simulation, however,
> I'd need to step up to Modelsim PE, which I just had quoted to me for
> slightly under $10K for a one year license.
> All I really need it for is to simulate out my memory interface stuff;
> I have very little interest in adding lots of mixed language
> programming to my world. And so ten kilobucks is really quite the
> chunk of change for solving one problem.
> Does anyone know of any better solutions for mixed language
> simulation? I had been thinking this would cost me somewhere in the
> $2K ballpark; at $10K I'd be better off sticking with "program and
> pray".
> --
> Rob Gaddi, Highland Technology
> Email address is currently out of order

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