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USB Shuts Off Computer!

AlexH113 AlexH113 is offline
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Hi everyone,
I recently purchased a notebook, Eee PC TS 1005HAB. I keep having a problem, where everytime I connect a devise to the computer through a USB port, the computer shuts off, and I don't mean the conventional way, it litterly shuts off. The screen goes blank and then, I have to unplug the power, take off the batter, then try to star it off again.

Sometimes, I can leave the devise connected, and turn it on with no problem. And then, sometimes it won't let me turn it on, unless I unplug the devise. And lastly, sometimes if accidently bump the cable that connects my devise to the USB port, it shuts off the computer too.

What can I do? To me, this a sounds like a Hardware problem, but I could be wrong. Any ideas?

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panger123 panger123 is offline
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up, I think!
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technoplume technoplume is offline
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What device, does it use an external power converter. From what I understand :

1 - you have a broken usb port

2 - The device overload the circuit and the pc shut down to prevent damage. The description you give of what u need to do to restart it seem a lot to me like when there is a short circuit and the PSU switch off to prevent damage. If this is the case, buy a USB router whit power adaptor. The device will drain power from the router instead of the PC.

I advice to stop using the device, it probably already did some stress damage to the component inside.
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