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Data Exchange between Applications using .NET

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Could anyone please throw your suggestions on the following

(It would be really helpful if you could provide a solution using
..NET,XSLT,XSD,Web Service other than 'Biztalk Server' Approach.) -
Honestly speaking, I am new to this Data Exchanging Process, though I
have some knowledge in XML,XSLT,Webservice,C#, etc.

In my project, there is a need to design an interface to handle data
exchange between two applications using XML, XSLT ,XSD,.NET , Web
Services,etc .

Business rule:
Let us say, The data in a XML file from Application A(Destination) has
a column name "Prod Id" needs to be mapped/changed to "Production Id"
column of Application B(Source) which is the Main Application. In the
same way, some more Applications will have the data for the same
Column, but Coulmn names could be represented in other ways like P.Id,

My Interface should provide options to map Columns between Source and
Destination Applications and to upload the XML file from destination
app into Source App.

After Saving the Mapping info. into database or a template, The
uploaded file file from Destination Application should be converted
into the format of Source XML file based on the mapping Info.

Please let me know your suggestions as to how to handle the above
scenario? Though you might have come across these kind of questions
already, Please give your Solutions using .NET technologies.

Thanks in advance,

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Natty Gur
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Sorry to tell you but every time I come across demand like that, I'm
using BizTalk. If you donít want to use it I think that you already on
the track. You need to build XSLT for every translation of one XML to
other XML schema. If you want to create mapping between XML schemas
automatically or to let the user set the mapping it's more complicated

Natty Gur[MVP]

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