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Re: Moving Profile Information

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On Fri, 17 Jul 2009 18:25:20 -0400, GigaNews wrote:

> I have FF v3.5 running in a WinXP Pro partition.
> I have installed Windows 7 on another partition in the same PC and trying to
> move FF profile info from the WinXP FF to the new Win7 FF. Copied and
> pasted all the files and folders from the WinXP Profile folder
> (XXXXXXXX.default) to the Win7 FF Profile folder (YYYYYYYY.default).
> To be clear, I retained the .default profile name in the Win7 as FF
> originally assigned. I just replaced/added all files and folders in the in
> the Win7 FF with those from the WinXP FF profile.

If you selected all and copied all files and folders in the WinXP Fx
profile (xxxxxxxx.default), then pasted into the new Win7 Fx profile
Win7 would have prompted about copying and replacing files/folders,
and assuming you answered yes when prompted (and do this for the next
n etc.) it should be okay.

Alternatively, all files and folders in the new Win7 Fx profile can be
deleted before copying and pasting them from the WinXP profile.

With Fx closed, in the Win7 Fx profile you can also try copying the
bookmark files again by deleting these (to Recycle Bin):
bookmarkbackups (folder containing bookmarks-<date>.json files)
places.sqlite-journal (if exists)
then copy (again) those same files and folder from the WinXP Fx
profile and paste into the Win7 Fx profile, and start Fx.

> The one thing I'm really interested in preserving are the bookmarks. The
> places.sqlite file is there but the bookmarks do not show up in Win7 FF.

Where do bookmarks not show up in Fx on Win7? Bookmarks Menu,
Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Sidebar, Library, or everywhere?

It's very possible add-ons (theme or extensions) you're using in WinXP
aren't compatible in Win7. In Win7, if you start Fx in Safe Mode
(shortcut in Start menu > All Programs > Mozilla Firefox folder) do
the bookmarks show up? If the bookmarks show up in Fx Safe Mode, then
switch to the default theme (if not already), disable extensions to
see if the bookmarks then show up. Also, with Fx closed try renaming
(or delete to Recycle Bin) the localstore.rdf file then start Fx. This
will reset toolbar/window customisations.

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On Sat, 18 Jul 2009 04:24:27 -0400, D.Duck wrote:

> I've tried everything you have mentioned with not luck so far. The
> places.sqlite file that I've copied over from the WinXP FF to Win7 FF has a
> file size of 9+ MB and still just the few bookmarks that come with a fresh
> FF install are visible.
> As I add new bookmarks to the Win7 FF they remain installed.

Save those new bookmarks by going to Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks,
and in the Library go to Import and Backup > Export HTML and save the
bookmarks.html file to, say, the Desktop (for later re-importing).
Or just copy the bookmarks URLs to a text file and later visit and
bookmark them again.

Are you using the default Fx profile location in Win7?:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefo x\Profiles
and have this file here?:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefo x\profiles.ini

It kind of sounds as if you're using a(nother) new profile, see:
< n_Bookmarks_folder>

One thing to try is restoring bookmark backups, see:

Otherwise, in WinXP Fx save the bookmarks to a bookmarks.html file.
Then in Win7 with Fx closed, delete these files and folder:
bookmarkbackups (folder containing bookmarks-<date>.json files)
places.sqlite-journal (if exists)
Next, copy the exported bookmarks.html file from WinXP Fx into the
Win7 Fx profile and start Fx in Win7. This should make Fx create a new
places.sqlite file and automatically import the bookmarks from the
bookmarks.html file. For reference, see:

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