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When you purchase a new computer, it usually comes with an operating system already installed (Windows on a PC, for example). {}However, you are likely to find that your new toy also comes with a variety of pre-installed software that you may or may not want. If you aren`t interested in the programs that are already on your new computer when it comes home, then you will want to get rid of them before you get started using your computer.
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Hi. Prasad Here. I have Acer Laptop with Wi-Fi. i installed win xp profe licenced cd with service pack 3. in my desktop i installed win server 2003 with Active Directory with DNS. i have wifi with mtnl triband. i want to connect win xp to domain with server 2003 via Wi-Fi. is it possible? I installed Loop Back Lan with IP and gateway is and dns is 56.2 for server 2003 & 56.3 for win xp.
kindly suggest me.
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Yeah it's true, My Hp came whit a lot of unwanted program. No problem, I went on a torrent downloaded a ome version of my laptop XP version and made a fresh install. I used the windows key under the laptop and Updated the software. Been running it for 3 years now whit no problem. I think it's unfair the companies make publicity this way. They provide you whit a back up copy whit all those install crappy software. Instead of giving you a real choice. It's probably illegal to download the copy of the CD. But it's not illegal to have it installed whit the laptop key so it seem so far.
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